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Tuesday, February 22, 2022
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Investing is an important aspect of our financial well being.  Our financial well being is important for our mental health, our stress levels, our families, our ability to focus and be present in the present, while giving us the ability to focus and be optimistic for the future. Financial well being is also a major component in the determination of how strong our families and our communities are. 

In today’s world,  you cannot talk about investing without talking about crypto. Blockchain and crypto currencies have greatly altered the investing landscape in recent years.  How does someone make smart decisions with something so new?   Well, for starters, it’s hard. Here are the four basic areas of Understanding that all investors should seek mastery in. Unfortunately, these are just the areas and some starting questions to ask, not the answers :) Remember, do your own research! 

1. Understanding Fundamentals- new economic models, new products, new protocols, a flood of information to keep up with

2. Understanding the Tech-all while trying to learn an entirely new paradigm (web3), understand how these new technologies work (e.g. hash rate, proof of work vs proof of stake)

3. Understanding the Tactics of Execution- where to trade, how to trade, who owns this, is there a custodian, what is De-Fi, what are NFT’s, what are stable coins, etc…

4. Understanding ‘What’s Next?”- how to think about security, storage, even recovery if needed. 

Add to this the fact that there is a new generation of investors, innovators, creators, that are web3 and crypto natives that are out there investing as well and they know all of this information and more. It’s not necessarily a competition but it’s also not a level playing field either. 

Why bother? Simply put, risk adjusted returns. It has been hard to miss the headlines of 100% returns, sometimes 1000% returns, even 10,000% returns. The potential is there. However, it is not without risk, volatility, barriers to entry, and more. 

Enter Key Consulting. Key Consulting is a crypto advisory and recovery business, helping individuals and family offices with hardware and wallet set up, cold storage, recovery (when needed) and can further help design comprehensive investment, security, and storage strategies upon request. 

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4 Steps To Level Up Your Crypto Security

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Keep Your Crypto By Keeping it Safe Once you invest in cryptocurrency you’ll want to take extra steps to protect it and to always have a way back to it whether you or someone else are trying to access it, move it or trade it.